This treatment is a form of manual exfoliation, and should only be provided by fully trained aesthetic practitioners

Using a specific type of sterile surgical blade, stroking movements along the facial/jawline area at an angle of 45 degree’s, to gently remove unwanted dead skin cells from the epidermis top layer of skin.

Treatments are gentle and take little time to complete.

In addition to this Dermaplane also (temporarily) removes fine vellus hair  (peach fuzz), producing a flawless much smoother, softer facial canvess. Your make up will glide on, looking fresher and lasting longer.

Once you have undergone the Dermaplane treatment any/all products (professionally or home-care) will penetrate into the skin much deeper and more effectively leaving you excited waiting for your next session of treatment.

Dermaplane treatment helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, congested pores, evens skin tone and helps reduce millia. Get ready, you’re going to enjoy the confidence that comes with having a healthy, glowing, younger looking, baby soft skin you have been dreaming about.

Contraindications to Dermaplane
Inflamed acne, open lesions to the skin, active herpes, blood thinning medications, allergies to asprin, eczema or dermatitus, uncontrolled diabetes, use of accutane within the last year or retin A (treatments for acne) or skin cancer patients, hemophilia, hormone therapy medications that produces thick pigmentation

Your aesthetics nurse practitioner will provide you with aftercare advice please make sure to follow any instructions.

Maintenance treatments are recommended every 4 weeks to maintain results.


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