This is a medical procedure that should only be performed by fully trained aesthetic practitioners nurses/doctors/dentists.

Microneedling (collagen induction therapy) is a great non-surgical treatment for fine-lines, wrinkles, pigmentation spots, scars, stretch marks and facial rejuvenation.

At a glance

Procedure time

20 minutes

Back to work

Next day

 Anaesthetic (topical)

Requires 30-40mins

Downtime recovery

Usually 24 hrs – 48 hrs

Best Results

3-5 treatments

Duration of results

Can be long term

About Microneedling

A break through treatment which helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, sun-damage spots, acne/ acne scaring, stretch marks and surgical scars. Celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Demi Moore love this revolutionary treatment.

As we age we loose supple, vibrant, plump skin, microneedling re-stimulates the production of collagen over a period of 6 weeks, which is when signs of improvement can be noted.

Prior to commencing the mirconeedling treatment a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the face/neck area, allowing up to 45 minutes to take effect.

A medical device is then used with fine needles to puncture the skin, which is the process for encouraging production of new collagen and elastin, generating new skin cells. From this the skin becomes much plumper and youthful looking. Serum/HA masks are applied afterwards are able to penetrate much more effectively due to pores being open, allowing the product to absorb deep into the treated area.

Contraindications to treatment
No retin A medications or products
Treatment for cancer
Outbreak of herpes (cold sores)
Pustule active acne

A course of microneedling is usually taken every 4-6 weeks
Individuals vary with results from the treatments

Post procedure aftercare

*Skin will remain pink/red post treatment for up to 24 hours, sometimes slight swelling can occur, by day 3 swelling will subside*
Do not apply creams or makeup until the following day post treatment
No vigorous exercise until the following day
Cold sores could be triggered if so use Aclovair
Before going to bed splash face with water and pat dry only
Following day begin using spf factor 50
Skin will be dry and tight for 1-3 days
Day 2-3 begin skin care regime

Avoid facial wipes and alcohol based toners
Avoid direct sunlight for at least ten days


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